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The phrase “villa in Spain” already sounds fabulous: the location of the country, the historical heritage and the mentality of citizens make it almost the best place to live. Due to the ever-increasing quality of life and the country’s progress, more and more people are eager to buy a villa in Spain. They consider such an investment to be profitable and promising in which, of course, they are right.

Villas for sale in Spain are beneficial from several positions at once. It is worth noting the climatic feature of the region in which the country is located. Residents of northern countries, such as Norway, choose homes in Spain to create places for family holidays and the opportunity to spend holidays there. There are no cold and snowy winters, which are familiar to the northern inhabitants.

Of course, in addition to climate, buyers are attracted by the economic development of the country. In the last 3-4 years, there is a tendency of constant stable growth of the Spanish economy. Quality of life and safety indicators are constantly improving. The state has an excellent education system: many school graduates become students of prestigious universities and specialists graduated from local universities are highly valued all over the world.

Buying a villa in Spain means not just buying your own luxury housing in a developed European country, but also the possibility to stay here for a long time or move forever. Those who are willing to invest in Spanish real estate more than 500 thousand euros, have access to obtain a residence permit.

Buying property in Spain is a very simple legal process. It does not take a long time and is not associated with burdensome formalities. Spanish law implies the confidentiality of information about the ownership of real estate in the country and does not provide it to third parties. If at the time of purchase there is no required amount of money, then a local bank can get a mortgage loan for foreign citizens.

Do not forget that Spain is the oldest European country with a rich cultural heritage. Visiting all important historical places during a tourist trip is impossible, and living there gives a chance to see many of them. This is especially valuable for admirers of European culture, representatives of creative professions (for example, the cultural component of Spain is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists) and those who seek self-development and a variety of leisure activities.

Villas for sale in Spain is a dream of many people. In fact, it is possible to find an ideal villa in all respects, since they come in different sizes and equipment, and are also present in any settlement in Spain. Maybe you should start the search?

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