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Most people are planning their vacations in advance to have some discount. It is obvious for experienced travelers, that such deals could save you 10-15 percent of your budget. If you have already chosen Spain as your summer destination then you should certainly check the prices in the housing property market. It is useful to know, that Spain disposes of good offers for those, who are thinking about investing money in real estate. Recent researches of Moody rating agency predict growth for real estate market of Spain in 2019. Consequently, investing money now could make you up to 4.7% profit in 2019. Let us look into the most popular housing offers for summer vocations below.

In Spain, there is a big variety of options for accommodation – from a modest studio to a villa with a nice view of the sea and a private swimming pool. Holiday homes in Spain to buy are among them: check it out below:

  • Apartamento – these are the most popular type of housing in Spain. In fact, apartments and flats are the same types of housing. The principal difference will be in the dining area, which either is combined with the living room or will be separate.
  • Estudio – is a studio consisting of one room combined with a kitchen.
  • Atico – huge apartments, usually located on the upper floor, which offers a beautiful view. Ordinary it has a large terrace and a solarium where you can have breakfast or even do a barbecue.
  • Duplex – large housing with several floors. This may be an apartment, a townhouse or a cottage.
  • A bungalow is a townhouse for several families with a separate entrance. It can be located on the ground floor and have its own courtyard, or on the first and second floors with a private terrace or solarium.
  • Chale – a cottage with a small courtyard, garden or recreation area, ordinary located in a bigger residential complex.
  • Villa – is a big house with a garden and a swimming pool.

On December 19, a new law on long-term rental housing entered into force in Spain. The document is protecting the rights of clients and make long-term real estate renting more affordable. Holiday homes in Spain to buy are also under strict protection of the law. Meanwhile, Barcelona remains the most expensive city for renting housing in Spain. Due to the increasing demand, the metropolis continues to break records in price.

Finally, does not matter if you are seeking for a profitable deal on real estate market of just looking for short-term renting apartments – you will definitely find something for your taste in Spain. 300 sunny days per year, golden beaches and nice food will make your vacations unforgettable.  

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